Sleeping dogs dating ilyana

I've finished the story and i already had dates with amanda and ilyana so the health shrines and the lockboxes were displayed on the map.

In sleeping dogs, dating comes in the form of missions, some and break up with wei as well it is not possible to break up with amanda, sandra or ilyana.

Make ilyana sweat reward: all lock boxes will be marked on your map meet iliana in the k-bar - dates - other - sleeping dogs - game meet iliana in the k- bar.

Make ilyana sweat - sleeping dogs: make ilyana sweat is a dating mission, and completing it unlocks the lock box markers on your in-game. Ilyana is a character in sleeping dogs she is a possible girlfriend in which wei shen can date going out with her unlocks the locations of lockboxes on your.

Sleeping dogs dating ilyana

A guide showing all the girlfriends you can date and the rewards you get you meet up with ilyana at the k-bar, and then she challenges you to a big thanks to the sleeping dogs wiki for all the info i put in here:.

Recreating the thrill of hong kong action movies, sleeping dogs is an open- world crime adventure that tells the story of ilyana sandra sandra is vivienne lu's best friend and one of wei's dates she likes really fast cars.

Sleeping dogs dating ilyana
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